Welcome to the Investment Services at Atlantic Stewardship

....Whether you are saving for college, working toward a financially secure retirement or
....simply protecting yourself and your family from the prospect of financial uncertainty, our


Financial Consultants can work with you to develop an investment plan aligned with your needs and goals.

At Investment Services at Atlantic Stewardship Bank, our goal is to make a difference – for you, your family and your future. 

We provide ongoing support and oversight

It takes time and careful consideration to develop and maintain an investment plan. A successful plan requires monitoring and rebalancing of investments, keeping track of paperwork and staying abreast of constantly changing regulations. It also means reviewing your strategy to accommodate changing priorities and goals to make sure you remain on track.

With integrated strategies

Our Financial Consultants can help you sift through the many options available to create a unique investment strategy. With access to a wide range of financial products and services – including investment analysis, mutual funds, annuities and life insurance – our Financial Consultants will work with you to build a diversified portfolio of well-managed investments to optimize potential returns and minimize risk.

Working together

With your Financial Consultant at your side, you will enjoy the confidence that comes from working with a knowledgeable and trusted professional. Investment Services at Atlantic Stewardship Bank and our Financial Consultants are here to help you plan for tomorrow . . . today.

We invite you to email, call or stop by one our branches to schedule a consultation.